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Our Heroes


A Skroggle specimen

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Fighter & pusher

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Soviet space test-pet

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Loeki de Leeuw

Loeki de Leeuw

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Perfect Earth Animals Butterfly

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Froggy G

The amphibious B.I.G

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Vinnie & Spike

Notorious partners in crime

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Sentry X-58

Built for stealth

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Games & Comics merchandise

Here at game2art and comic2art you can find merchandise of games and comics.
We work exclusively with the original artwork.

What's new:

Loeki glossy magazine nov 2016

Geesink Studio The all new Loeki glossy magazine is released Nov. 16th 2016.
Celebrating the relaunch of Loeki de Leeuw. Order now your LOEKI merchandise right here!

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Top products

Admiral Swiggins

Finding and defeating Pirates

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Leon Chameleon

Assassin, initiator

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Derpl Zork

The dimwitted driver

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Chucho Krokk

You're giving me a serious case of road rage!

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