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The Path: A Challenging Puzzle Game


Discover “The Path,” a captivating free puzzle game that challenges your problem-solving skills. Navigate a glowing orb through intricate mazes where each level offers only one correct sequence of actions. Your task is to strategically toggle obstacles, maneuver objects, and create a clear path from point A to point B for the orbs. This game demands mastery of cause and effect, physics, timing, and overcoming obstacles.

“The Path” offers a unique puzzle-solving experience where each level has a singular solution. There’s no room for guessing or alternative paths; success lies in precision and strategy. Test your skills in a maze-like journey devoid of minotaurs, where your ability to forge the way is crucial. While the levels are untimed, completing them swiftly enhances your achievement. Aim for perfection with each move, as a single misstep ends the game.


Desktop: Use your mouse to toggle obstacles within the maze, guiding the orb along its intended path.

Mobile: Tap and adjust obstacles with your finger to direct the orb efficiently through each maze.

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