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Pink: A Mesmerizing Abstract Puzzle Challenge


Pink is a captivating, free puzzle game that transforms everything around you into a challenge. From the colors you see and the numbers you encounter to the flamingos passing by and the clicks of your mouse, every element is part of the puzzle. Abstract puzzle games have become incredibly popular, and Pink stands out among the best. With no instructions provided, you’re left to discern the problems and find solutions on your own. You can point, click, drag, and rearrange items, but understanding the game’s mechanics is key to winning. Pink will engage your mind as you unravel its core secrets. Each level offers subtle hints on how to proceed, but ultimately, the challenge is yours to overcome. The controls are simple, yet the gameplay will have you pondering deeply about their application. Pink continues the tradition of abstract puzzle games, giving you only the color in its title and the enigmatic image on screen as your clues. Enjoy playing, and let us know how long it took you to crack the code.


Use your mouse to point and click on your desktop computer, or use your finger to tap, drag, pinch, or smudge on your mobile device. Interact with the images on screen to unlock each level’s secrets.

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