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Wiz: The Ultimate Puzzle-Platform Adventure


Wiz is a free puzzle-platform game that offers a delightful experience. Unlike rogues who are unpredictable, fighters who are straightforward, bards who disrupt parties, and paladins who preach, wizards bring the most fun. Among them, Wiz stands out as the most entertaining. Join Wiz in his journey to unlock the universe’s secrets and remove obstacles on his path to return home, where he left his heart. Wiz is one of the best puzzle-style platform games you can play for free on your desktop. Swipe various bricks out of the way and charge toward the exit in this fun and fast-paced game. Embrace the magic and majesty of Wiz, the wizard who loves solving puzzles, progressing forward, and existing entirely in two dimensions. Tags: web games, browser games, web game.


Use the W, A, S, D keys or Arrow keys to move Wiz. Use your finger or mouse to select and slide the various obstacles in the levels. Your goal is to get Wiz home.

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