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Yatzy: The Classic Dice Game for Quick Fun and High Scores


Yatzy is a free puzzle game where you roll the dice, place them strategically, and aim for the highest score. It’s a timeless game of dice, placement, and scoring that’s both fun and easy to play within minutes. Whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, commuting, or taking a quick break, Yatzy is a perfect pastime. Even if you’re new to Yatzy, we encourage you to give it a try and discover how enjoyable it can be. The goal is to fill all cells on the board without placing a piece on an occupied cell. The player with the highest score wins. The game involves five dice. Shake the dice in their cup, roll them out, and start playing.


On your desktop computer or mobile device, use your mouse to point and click on the dice to roll and place them. Strive for the highest score possible.

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